Fulton County nearly doubles number of ballot drop off boxes

Fulton County leaders nearly doubled the number of absentee ballots drop-off boxes in the county, as part of an effort to provide an alternative for those hesitant to vote by mail.

There are now a total of 39 drop-off boxes in Fulton County, which is almost twice as many that were available for the June election.

The increase comes just over a month after Board of Commissioners Chairman Robb Pitts recommended the State Election Board make a change that would allow boxes on private property.

"Specifically, locations like Publix, CVS, Kroger, these are locations people know and feel comfortable with," Pitts said.

The board has yet to consider the two-part proposal that Chairman Pitts says would make voting more convenient and time-sensitive, by placing boxes at convenient stores the average person frequents.

Right now, the State Election Board only allows drop off boxes on county and city properties.

"Even with the absence of that now, the coverage we have with 39—my original goal was for 50, but 39 is still a good number," he said.

With just over a month until an expected record-breaking turnout for the presidential election, voters are making sure they’ve done what’s needed to guarantee their ballot counts November 3rd and voicing their concerns at county meetings.

That’s not lost on Chairman Pitts.

"There were concerns locally and nationally that the postal service wasn’t going to be able to handle the huge turnout," he said

That’s why for weeks, he’s recommended the State Election Board change a policy that requires ballot drop off boxes to be placed on county property and suggested expanding to private property as well.

In all, the county added 19 drop-off boxes—many of them are at neighborhood libraries.

Pitts says Fulton County leaders are confident these additional drop-off locations will better the voting experience.

Fulton County leaders say they aren’t solely focused on the convenience of ballot drop-off boxes. They've also added more than 100 polling locations in the county.

For an interactive map designating where to drop off your ballot, click here.