Fulton County Chief Magistrate Judge, County clerk clash publicly

Fulton County Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk's frustration has reached a boiling point.

"I want you to know that you are doing something that is improper and incorrect. I told you, Cobb (County) has this in three separate courts, but no one is going to listen to me," the judge told the Fulton County commissioners Wednesday. "I have two more points to make, and I will stand here and wait."

The latest round in the ongoing feud between Chief Judge Kirk and Tina Robinson, who serves as clerk for both Fulton County Superior Court and Magistrate Court, played out at the Fulton County Board of Commissioners meeting.

County Clerk Tina Robinson

"I could say and act the way the chief magistrate has chose to do by tarnishing my name, my brand, saying what I'm not doing – but that is a lie," Robinson told commissioners. "I could say the same thing for her, that her incompetence has caused magistrate court to be where it is, and it has nothing to do with me. I could say that, but I've tried not to."

In an unprecedented move, all 10 of the Fulton County Magistrate Court judges recently signed a letter to Chief Judge Kirk, informing her they have "lost confidence" in Robinson.

The conflict got so serious, the chief magistrate sued Robinson over magistrate court duties in 2019.

Chairman Robb Pitts said creating a designated clerk for magistrate court, as the judges want to do, is too expensive for taxpayers.

He has introduced a resolution to consolidate all three courts with one clerk.

Several judges and Robinson spoke against the proposal at Wednesday's meeting.

Fulton County Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk sends apology email after outburst at commissioners meeting.

FOX 5 obtained a copy of an email Judge Kirk sent to commissioners following the meeting. She apologized for her outburst saying in part:

"I was out of line ... I meant no disrespect to you all or the prestige of the offices which you hold ... I am displeased by my behavior, and it won't happen again."