Fulton County commissioner says his name was not on the ballot

A Fulton County commissioner up for re-election claims his name wasn't on the ballot when he went to vote this week.

Marvin Arrington made the complaint during Wednesday's Fulton County Board of Commissioners meeting.

He said the problem was eventually resolved.

Arrington worries there's a glitch in the system after redistricting split precincts.

Fulton County election officials blame the redistricting data system deployed by the secretary of state's office.

Brad Raffensperger's office pushed back releasing the statement:

"Fulton’s attempt to pass the buck is just a continued disservice to their voters. Their attempt to blame state systems is disproven by the fact that others counties, with less people and less resources, aren’t having these issues while using the same systems. Instead of fixing issues, Fulton points fingers and their voters suffer."

Arrington said voters must be diligent about knowing who to vote for and where to cast a ballot.