Freddie and Chelsea Freeman welcome sons born 6 weeks apart

Freddie and Chelsea Freeman's individual Instagram pages tell the story of a fun and eventful off-season for the young couple---one that came with the top honors for the Braves first baseman and the addition of two baby boys born six weeks apart in two different years.

"It's been hectic, but it's been everything I ever wanted. I had one on December 30 and one on Valentine's Day, February 14. Chelsea gave birth to Brandon John and our other one named Maximus Turner is named after my big league debut," said Freeman.

Freeman told reporters covering Spring Training the family joy follows a very painful chapter for the couple who struggled with infertility after the emergency C-section birth of their 5-year-old son, Charlie.

"It was definitely one of the toughest situations in my life--trying to comfort my wife with the roller coaster ride my wife was on," said the National League MVP. "Especially when Charlie happened so easily and so fast and then it doesn't happen and it doesn't happen and it doesn't happen, it takes a toll. It took a toll on Chelsea and a toll on me," Freeman explained

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The Braves player said news of Chelsea's pregnancy last year was even more incredible, considering the timing.

"Nine days before embryo transfer, I come home from a work out and Chelsea tells me she's pregnant and I'm just shocked, like not something you expect at all, but it's everything you want and more," Freeman said.

Freddie calls the new editions "twins with a twist" and looks forward to getting back to Atlanta to see the family after the Braves' first road trip. Charlier, Freeman's father, grandfather, brother, and cousin are with the player during Spring training while Chelsea cares for the infants at home.

"This is probably the hardest spring for me. I'm not gonna get to see Chelsea and the two boys until after the first road trip, so it's gonna be a tough one for me," Freeman said. "Really, it's just a crazy situation to wrap your mind around it, but when you're in it and both boys are here it's like the best thing that ever could've happened. It's our story and I love it," he said with a big smile.

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