Forsyth County's new tougher vape laws

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E- Cigarette use among young people has gotten so out of hand, the U.S. Attorney General declared it an epidemic just two months ago.

Forsyth County is stepping up efforts to keep kids from using the high-nicotine E-Cigs and penalize businesses that sell them to minors.

At Aagnee Food Mart in Cumming, business also involves the sale of alcohol and vapes.

Owner Mohamed Baker is keenly aware of a newly passed Forsyth County ordinance which could mean shutting a big part of his business down if he’s caught selling vape to an underage customer.

“We should always check ID and every day I have a bunch of underage [kids] come in the store. I today, actually an hour ago, turned two of them down,” said Baker.

Forsyth County Commissioner Cindy J Mills introduced the ordinance last Thursday at the Commission meeting.

“And they’re vaping e-cigs or Juules and they are having seizures at school,” said Commissioner Mills.

She said the new ordinance targets not only vapes but synthetic pot, bath salts, and other substances that can mimic effects of drugs and marijuana and can be used to alter a person’s mind.

Commissioner Mills told FOX 5 News stores caught selling these products, including the popular vapes. to underage customers stand to lose their license to sell alcohol.

“We were trying to do something to help dissuade people from selling to these young kids,” said Commissioner Mills.

At Vapors Emporium in Cummings Bailey Richardson showed FOX 5 News a scanner and other methods used to make customer are legal. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 5 News the store was shut down twice already for selling to minors.

“Mistakes happen including businesses, we’ve gotten a lot more resilient about it,” said Richardson.

It’s a resilience authorizes hope other stores show when it comes to selling vapes and other substances to minors. And there’s another component, the parents.

“The parents need to be more involved in their kids’ lives. They need to provide them with the information to make their own responsible choices,” said Kat Jewell, a customer at Aagnee Food Mart.

Commissioner Mills said the ordinance is already in effect. She said there will be a grace period for businesses to learn about the new ordinance before it is enforced.