Forsyth County families learn new safety skills for kids 'home alone'

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With school out for the summer, some children are on their own for part of the day. That can be stressful for both parents and kids.

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About 250 people attended Wednesday's "Home Alone for Kids" safety class hosted by the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.

"We found that we were doing these in neighborhoods with ten or 20 people. There was such a demand we literally couldn't keep up with it.  So we said why don't we make this a community event", said Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman.

Parent Greg Allen was eager to learn ways to keep his children safe when he and his wife aren't home.

"We have kids, pre-teen and teenagers and sometimes we have to run out and go to the store, whatever."

Some of the kids we talked to were are a little anxious, and want to make sure they're prepared.

"How to stay safe, not answer the door, call my parents to make sure it's safe," said Greg Allen.

"Stranger Danger" was a big concern, and one of the first topics Sheriff Freeman and his deputies discussed.

The sheriff told families, not answering the door when someone knocks is the wrong call.

"So in fact when we tell a kid don't answer the door when mom or dad's not home, we might be inviting a burglar to come in if they choose your house. We want kids to acknowledge that someone's there and we will talk about technology and different ways we can do that with cameras and other things."

Parents were also encouraged to identify a trusted neighbor who is home during the day, someone a child can contact immediately if there's trouble. Kids in the audience were told to call 911 if they ever think they are in danger.

Sheriff Freeman said, "No kid is going to get in trouble for calling 911.  That's what we are here for."