Forest Park man latest victim of internet real estate fraud scheme

Edgar Orange thought this house would be a good investment property when he  saw it listed on Craiglist for fifteen thousand dollars  on Monday.

"I'm always shopping on Craigslist because I'm looking for a good deal," Orange told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes.

He contacted the seller by phone. After exchanging documents and other information, Orange wired the woman fifty-five hundred dollars. He realized  the next day he was the latest victim of an  internet real estate fraud scam.

The home Orange found on Craigslist was  the same house Forest Park Police say was fraudulently listed for sale on another real estate website by this woman, Christine Rawlins, last month.

"From our victim she took a check for 7500 dollars," Forest Park Police Sergeant Keli Flanigan said.

The victim contacted police February 6 after Rawlins took his money then  missed an appointment to turn over the title and house keys. When he tried to call Rawlins her phone wasn't working.

In that case, police say Rawlins  posted a picture of the same house for sale on the real  estate website Trulia, claiming she was selling the home for her uncle and had power of attorney.

Investigators believe Orange was about to become Rawlins' next victim. But he suspected he was being scammed.  After watching our news report on Good Day Atlanta Tuesday morning, he canceled the wire transfer and texted the woman, telling her she was going to end up in jail.

"I said 25 to life for you.  I said this money ain't worth it."

Clayton County Police also have a warrant out for Rawlins arrest.

She is accused of carrying out a similar real estate fraud scheme in Jonesboro last summer.

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