Forest Park murder suspect implicated self in shooting death, police say

 John Donahue (Supplied)

A major break has been made in the case of a Forest Park man who was shot and killed while sitting outside his home. Police believe they have the shooter in custody.

Guillermo "Diego" Hernandez was being questioned by the Forest Park police on May 31.

Police that during his interview, Hernandez subconsciously corroborated the testimony of a witness, which implicated him in the murder of John Donahue, Jr.

Several warrants were obtained and executed, leading detectives to discover "substantial" proof that they used to obtain a felony murder and aggravated assault warrant.

Hernandez was promptly arrested.

What happened to John Donahue, Jr.?

John Randle, who told FOX 5 he was the victim's brother, said he overheard an argument between a woman and a man walking by along Burks Road on May 20.

"The altercation turned into threats. Then, after threats were made, the guy pulled out a gun and started shooting multiple rounds," Randle said. 

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John Donahue was killed at a home along Burks Road in Forest Park on May 20, 2024.  (FOX )

One of those rounds hit and instantly killed his brother.

Hernandez was taken into custody after a brief manhunt Friday evening.