Floyd County teenagers stop attempted carjacking

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Rider Marr and friend Trace McClanahan spotted a man who appeared to be pushing a car along a busy street in Rome Sunday afternoon and figured he had car trouble. They were wrong.

The teens realized they’d stumbled upon an attempted carjacking.

According to the police report, suspect Letonio Allen ran over to the elderly victim’s car as she was traveling on Martha Berry Boulevard, and grabbed onto the driver’s door frame.

The woman said Allen was screaming at her. He used his arms to hoist himself up and into the car through the driver’s side window, and wound up in the passenger seat.

The teens intervened once the victim stopped the car. They pulled Allen out of the vehicle and held him there until officers arrived.

Police determined Allen was under the influence of some type of illegal drug or substance. He was taken into custody.

Allen faces several charges including hijacking a motor vehicle and aggravated assault.