Filmmaker creates Zoom background bringing himself a cup of tea

Many of us are probably familiar with the video conferencing program called Zoom. Since the start of quarantine, many companies that enacted their work-from-home policies have utilized this service to conduct business as usual.

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One man decided to have some fun with this and recorded a video of himself walking into his office and serving a cup of tea, to himself.

Zoom allows users to have the option to hide their faces, mute their microphones or to even use the more fun option: using a background to make your screen a bit livelier than the traditional kitchen or home office background.

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Graham Woods is from Birmingham, England and works as a filmmaker. Woods got the hilarious idea from one of his favorite movies: “Back to the Future 2.”

“I was inspired by the scenes of actors interacting with themselves and wanted to spice up yet another dull Zoom meeting,” Woods said.

The video Woods posted to Twitter has garnered over 1.9 million views and over 32,000 retweets.

Woods continues to create content on filmmaking and posts them on his YouTube channel.

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