FedEx customers express frustration over slow deliveries

Several customers said they are still waiting on their FedEx packages to arrive in the mail after it should have been delivered days ago.

“I would tell the CEO of FedEx wherever you are you need to get your people on track,” Nancy Pilney said.

Nancy Pilney is fed up with FedEx after the package that should have been delivered last Friday still didn’t show up Monday.

“Monday, you should have gotten this package. Tuesday, you still didn’t get the package. Then they changed the process to ‘not out for delivery’ to ‘pending,” Pilney said.

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Pilney and her husband are in town from Kansas City and the package is for her son’s vehicle.

“My son has had my truck for two months. We flew here so we can drive my truck back and get him back in his jeep,” Pilney said.

Pilney said the online tracker showed it stuck at the warehouse in Austell, so she decided to go and get the package Tuesday.

“No one ever went out and found my package. I was there for four hours,” Pilney said.

Pilney was determined not to leave until she had her package but claims things escalated.

“They called the police and had me escorted off the premises,” Pilney said.

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Pilney said several people showed up looking for items including one man who journeyed in from Alabama.

“They couldn’t tell me at all yesterday where my package was. They had no idea. They said it got scanned to go out but nobody could find it,” Pilney said.

In a statement from FedEx they said:

“During this holiday season, FedEx is experiencing a surge in package volume, and our networks are flexing as designed to provide the best possible service to our customers. While we can confirm that a customer recently visited the FedEx Ground station in Austell to inquire about a shipment, which we have since delivered, we have no reports of any group activities as you've described and our operations are currently running as planned.”

“Not one person there was looking for a Christmas package. It was about you’re affecting my life. You’re affecting my job,” Pilney said.

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