Family wants to find owner of box filled with military and personal items

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From her military career to mementos from her marriage. A woman's life story is told through scrapbooks packed away in cardboard boxes.  But those boxes were mistakenly sent to the wrong home and now the family who has them want to return them to their owner.

The boxes belong to a woman named Majella Saldejena.  They contain certificates and documents from her career in the Air Force.  There's a certificate of when she enlisted, a photo from boot camp and her retirement ID card. 

When David McKinney was discharged from the military, a moving company sent his belongings from San Antonio, Texas to his mom's home in Ellenwood, Georgia. "I assumed there was a mix up and the person would come looking for it, so I never threw it away, I just held on to it," says McKinney.

That was in 2013.  During that time, David's mom, Denise McKinney was going through some health problems and was in the process of moving, and those cardboard boxes got lost in the shuffle. 

Ms. McKinney just recently returned to Georgia and realized the boxes were still in the garage.  She tried to track down the owner, Majella Saldejena.  "I put it on my Facebook page. I found a few phone numbers, but they were disconnected.  I tried to call the Air Force and was told to send them back, but there's no return address," says McKinney.

The boxes also contain some very personal items. There are photos from the woman's school days in the Philipines.  There's a baby book filled with photos, a baby's hospital wristband and a child's lock of hair.  Majella Saldejena's wedding album is also in the box.  It holds the wedding invitation, photos and her marriage license to Christopher Scott Brown in 2001.

Two cardboard boxes filled with memories and treasures that can never be replaced. "It's all very personal and I know she would want them back," says MsMckinney.