Family finds bullet hole in home after returning from vacation

Imagine returning from vacation to find a bullet hole, piercing your 3-year-old daughter's bedroom.

"I feel sick to my stomach about it," said homeowner Sarabeth Myers.

Myers said the bone-chilling discovery prompted a flood of questions: Who, when, why?

"One of my biggest fears has always been sending [my kids] to school and their safety at school because of all the school shootings happening right now," Myers tearfully told FOX 5. "But for it to happen in our own home is a different level of fear that I'm not quite sure how if feel about it yet."

After reviewing their home security footage, the family determined the bullet must have come from a shooting FOX 5 covered on June 23.

You can hear more than 10 shots ring out in the surveillance video. Shortly later, police cars speed by.

Investigators told FOX 5 the night of the incident they found shell casings and blood near Calhoun and Hirsch streets; however, they were never able to identify suspects or victims in the shooting. 

But in Myers' surveillance video, you can hear someone shouting they got shot. She said that haunting scream keeps her up at night.

Neighbors recalled late night gunfire in the same area earlier this year — something Georgia Tech Police acknowledged, in an email to Myers, as a pattern that they're looking into.

"Our biggest goal is to figure out why this is happening, when this is happening, and how we can do something about it," Myers said. She decisively told FOX 5 her family does not plan on moving; instead, she said they will get more involved in the community, encouraging others to look out for each other's safety.