Falling tree branch creates massive pollen bomb

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Allergy suffers may not want to read this story because you might get nightmares.

Workers from the tree trimming company Timberline Outdoors showed a terrifying sight that would make any springtime allergy victims run for their tissues and eye drops.

The Chattanooga, Tennessee company cut down a limb off a tree over the weekend.

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As the limb fell a massive cloud of pollen erupted from the tree.

The company posted the video on their Facebook page, saying "if you think your allergies are trying to kill you, you'd be right" with a "#pollenbomb."

The pollen count in Tennesse and Georgia has been high due to February's warm weather. On Friday, Atlanta's pollen count skyrocketed past 6,000, the highest it has been in six years in the city and the 5th highest on record.

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Fox 5 reported this story from Atlanta.