Everyday Heroes: Middle school students honor WWII veteran

It’s custom for us today to thank the men and women who have served our country in the military. What a group of middle school students did left no question their appreciation for one local veteran. They are today’s Everyday Heroes!

It’s the middle of the school day, but there’s good reason why these Marietta Middle School students are not in the classroom.  

"We’re having a celebration for my favorite neighbor Mr. Scrappy," said Marietta Middle School student Tessa Chalfant.

"Mr. Scrappy," as he’s affectionately known, is Charles Edwards who is 98 years young.

He proudly served in the Navy in World War II and last week these students went all out to express their gratitude in honor of Veterans Day.

"It’s crazy. They put so much work into the posters and just getting balloons and they’re acting on their best behavior," said Tessa about her classmates. 

They showered "Mr. Scrappy," a former captain and quarterback of the Marietta High School football team, with gifts.  

"This was signed by everyone on the football team," said one student as he handed "Mr. Scrappy" a signed football.

"We just think it’s important for our students to recognize the Greatest Generation to understand it. They study it in school but this is living history," said Marietta Middle School teacher Linda Skaggs.

What does "Mr. Scrappy" think of all the attention?

"It’s been wonderful. It’s been a great day. More than I ever thought I would see out here," said "Mr. Scrappy."

A ‘thank you’ well received by a veteran of the Greatest Generation

"I tell you what I just can't get over this get together," said "Mr. Scrappy." 

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