East Atlanta break-ins: Video shows man believed to be connected to 4 crimes

Neighbors and business owners in East Atlanta believe one man might be connected to at least four break-ins over the weekend.

Video shows a man breaking into a home while those inside barricaded themselves until police arrived.

"He was so bold with everything," The Homeowner said.

The victim asked us not to identify him as he is still traumatized from the incident.

He says the man in the video walked by around three Sunday morning and noticed a few dollars on a table inside.

Surveillance video shows the man using what looks like a brick to smash his way inside the home.

"I wake up, and he is shaking me and says someone is in the house. We panicked, and then we barricade in our bedroom," the victim said.

The man hid with his husband as they didn’t know where the intruder was.

FOX 5 has learned a neighbors home was also broken into.

"We are trying to make a living and make a service. You don’t want to have to disrupt the service," Tyree Turner said.

Tyree Turner owns a mens apparel shop Toolbox, and he’s a third victim. Turner believes the same man hit his business twice in one weekend.

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Video shows man using a smash-and-grab technique during break-ins in East Atlanta (FOX 5 Atlanta).

"Saturday morning around 6:30 a.m. he broke this window. He used a big brick and everything was disheveled but then the salon next door. She had clients, so he wasn’t able to come in because once they heard the commotion they came out," Turner said.

The man came back Sunday morning but was not successful.

A forth victim: the owners of Gangsta Grillz, which is walking distance away.

The business was also hit over the weekend, and it was their second time.

Video shows what looks to be the same man with a similar style of smashing glass to force his way inside the business the week before.

The owner says he got away with more than $7,000 in product.

The suspect came back last weekend where video shows him throwing a planter at the window, but he didn’t make it inside this time.  

"It’s a really big inconvenience to business owners and homeowners. People work hard for what they have and there are other ways to make money," Turner said.

FOX 4 Reached out Atlanta Police about each of the burglaries, but they did not confirm if any arrest has been made in connection.