Police still searching for 'dine and dash' couple accused of Dunwoody shooting

Dunwoody Police are still searching for a couple who they say skipped out on their restaurant bill, then shot the security guard who asked them about it. One sergeant hopes security cameras in the area will provide investigators with some answers.

The disturbing incident happened at the Sage Woodfire Tavern Perimeter Saturday night.


"It's the law in the state of Georgia, not paying for a meal you have been served is theft of services, Dunwoody Sgt. Michael Cheek confirmed. 

Dunwoody Police said two customers at the popular restaurant first complained about their check, then walked out the door without paying.

"They left the restaurant without paying. The manager asked the security guard to step in and ask them to come back in and take care of the bill and pay," the police sergeant explained.

Police say the disgruntled customer pulled out a gun in the parking lot when the security guard approached him about the unpaid tab.

"A brief altercation ensued in the parking lot. Due to that encounter, the male half of that couple pulled out a gun and shot the security guard," Cheek said.

Sgt. Cheek said he was shot in the arm two or three times and is still in the hospital recuperating.

Police told FOX 5 the couple accused of pulling the trigger is on the run.

Dunwoody investigators have now focused on security cameras both inside and outside the popular restaurant, in hopes that helpful pictures were captured.

However, they said they still need the public's assistance in cracking the case. If you know anything about this incident, police say your tips can remain anonymous.

"We are asking for the public's help if you were at Sage Saturday night about 10 until 11:00 o'clock and you know anything about what happened, please reach out to us," Sgt. Cheek requested.