Drivers want end to rash of carjackings at gas stations

Drivers in South Fulton County want to know how and when they will feel safe again, pumping gas at their local gas stations, and expressed their concerns to local leaders at a town hall meeting at the Southwest Arts Center.

"We have a crisis," said one resident at the town hall meeting. 

Plenty of residents of South Fulton County expressed their concerns over gas station safety, and concerns of crime spilling over into their communities.

"It's so bad, I as a single woman cannot go get gas in my community," said Michele Maddox, one resident who says she no longer gets gas in her own neighborhood.

Others tell FOX 5, they go in pairs to a gas station, or refuse to get gas at night.

I think residents are looking for immediate solutions, as well as long-term solutions," said Fulton County Commissioner Marvin Arrington, Jr., who already proposed an approved measure to require gas stations with high crime rates to add hired security.

Arrington is one local leader, including Chairman John Eaves, pushing for more funding of overtime for Fulton County Police for extra patrols for gas stations immediately.

County officials tell FOX 5, Eaves plans to address the issue of overtime at the next Board of Commissioners meeting.

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