Driver: multiple shots from pellet gun damage car on GA 400

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A driver said Friday he was worried after someone fired a pellet gun into his car's rear window on a major highway. Clint Cordeiro said he was on an Uber route when the damage happened on Georgia 400 northbound near the Holcomb Bridge Road exit.

"I heard several popping noises. The window shattered and glass started flying towards the front of the car," Cordeiro said.

Corderio believes the person who fired into his car was in an SUV. However, he wasn't able to get a specific color or the vehicle's make and model. Corderio said he and his Uber passenger weren't hurt.

"We are fortunate nothing bad happened. But if I did get hit and lost control of my car or panicked, I could have
merged into traffic. We could have had a catastrophic pileup and multiple deaths."

Roswell Police confirmed to FOX 5 News that Cordeiro filed a report about the incident.