Dramatic rescue: Tree cutter saves bird of prey entangled high in Roswell

A bird of prey, ensnared in a line high atop a tree in Roswell, was rescued in a rather dramatic fashion on Wednesday. 

The backyard of Lisa Marks’ home along Paige Place turned into a daring spectacle of humanity at its best. 

"Around 3 o'clock, one of Genevieve's friends saw the bird was kind of trapped in a fishing line or a kite line. We didn't know what it was. So, we called Chattahoochee Nature Center, we called the fire department, and we called Georgia Wildlife and Rescue, and so they sent out several people, and it was a collaborative effort," said Marks. 

Firefighters arrived at the home and realized they would not be able to reach the bird. That's when wildlife volunteers called in a tree cutter with Top Tier Trees to take on the challenge. 

"Top Tier Trees sent someone to climb to get the bird, so we really just tried to do a team approach because it was a unique situation. It was super high up. Like 90 feet. So we just wanted to save the bird," said Marks. 

The man ascended the tree to the very top to tie a rope. He then gingerly made his way out onto the branch just below where the bird was suspended in midair.  

The tree cutter was finally able to grab the bird with his bare hand. He then used a knife to free it. But because the bird had been there for hours and was likely injured, the tree trimmer carefully tucked the scared creature’s wings and talons, cradled like an infant, and rappelled down to the ground. He was greeted by a round of applause. 

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A tree cutter with Top Tier Trees rescues a bird of prey from atop a tree behind a home along Paige Place in Roswell on June 5, 2024.  (FOX 5)

A volunteer with the Georgia Wildlife Network was waiting for the tree cutter once he got on the ground.

"It was amazing because the rescuer went out on a limb and reached for the bird, and we all had a big sigh of relief. There were some tears out there. We felt good knowing the bird was going to be OK, and the man too," Marks said. 

The bird will be taken to be checked out Thursday morning.