Douglas County buses forced to turn around due to road conditions

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Douglas County, Georgia

A handful of Douglas County students are at multiple schools waiting to go home after their buses had to be turned around due to snowy road conditions Friday.

Douglas County Schools released students on a staggered schedule Friday with middle and high school students leaving first. Officials said the majority of students made it home safe, but some had to be turned around due to hazardous road conditions. The buses then took the students to the nearest school. 

Parents who are looking for their students are urged to call their child's regular school to find out where the student was taken. 

Elementary schools in Douglas County have not yet been released, but officials said the majority of elementary students were already picked up by their parents. 

The majority of the buses are now grounded, but some buses are still in route, working under direct supervision of the school district. 

The school system trained for this type of situation after the snowstorm in 2014, so this was a planned scenario. Thousands of kids have already made it home, according to officials.