Double voting concerns on final day of early voting

A Fulton County voter said a man alluded to having a means of voting more than once at State Farm Arena.

FOX 5’s Alex Whittler took the concerns straight to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners who said there is no tampering with the voting system.

Jorge Cora said someone at State Farm Arena offered to “triple his vote.” Chairman Robb Pitts said it's a shame someone would say such a thing and promised the voting process is secure.

“There are so many questions people have about this election whichever way you lean,” Cora said.

It wasn’t what Jorge Cora wanted to hear after casting his ballot, Friday, the last day of early voting in Georgia.

“The first question was you wanna triple your vote,” he said.

He said before he even voted, a man pointed to the entrance at State Farm Arena as if to help him find the polling place.

“And just says politely, ‘If you’re going on to vote, you gotta walk around,’” he said.

Cora said he thanked the man and voted.

“It was a pretty good experience. Took about 15 to 20 minutes,” Cora said.

But on his way out, he saw the same man. Cora said that person did more than ask if he wanted to quote “triple his vote.” He said he asked about his party affiliation as well.

“I didn’t know if he was asking because he thought I was a republican and he wanted to help another Rep or a Democrat and wanted to help another Dem I don’t know where he was leaning, I just know the question he asked,” Cora said. “I wanted to have somebody investigate that and make sure that wasn’t real.”

Pitts said tripling a vote is not real.

“Well first of all there is no such thing as voting more than once,” he said.

He said all election volunteers and employees are marked by T-shirts or identification badges. They have been trained not to discuss partisan issues. He took the time to speak with FOX 5 while visiting voter precincts Friday.

“At many precincts outside of the boundaries, there are groups, in fact, I’m looking at a group right now, what they say or do, we have no control over that as long as they’re not inside out boundaries,” he said.

“Shame on whoever did this,” Pitts said.

Cora called the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office and the State Board of Elections but he said he’s speaking out so others will be alert.

“Just like at the airport if something looks fishy talk to somebody. When you’re at the polling booth, talk to somebody,” Cora said.

Chairman Pitts said the county has already tallied more early voting and absentee ballots for this election than that of 2016.

He said several precincts have calculated 80 percent of voters have already voted and been accounted for.

For those planning to vote in person Tuesday, and see anything suspicious while at a precinct, they’re encouraged to contact the State Board of Elections.