2 gunman ambush delivery driver, steal everything he had at gunpoint, including a pizza

A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was lured to a home and ambushed by two armed men, the Clayton County Police say. The men took his car and the pizza.

Police say Tyler Desean Grant was one of the two men responsible. He was arrested and made his first appearance before a Clayton County Magistrate Judge on Monday.

The homeowner who lives at the house on Watercrest Road in Jonesboro tells police she didn’t order a pizza.

"A pizza was ordered on the Domino’s app to that home," Clayton County Police Detective Tracy Moore told the court during Monday’s preliminary hearing.

Police say Domino’s driver Sayeed Ayarinde was greeted with two guns when he attempted to make his pizza delivery on June 28.

"The driver, Mr. Saidi Ayorinde, came out with a pizza. When he got there, he was approached by two Black males who robbed him at gunpoint," the detective told the court.

Detective Moore says once Grant and his partner in crime took the pizza, they went further.

"They told him to give them everything. He gave them the car keys to his 2011 Jetta worth $15,000. The other person said, ‘Give me your phone,’" detective Moore continued.

Police say as the robbers drove away, they fired a shot towards the Domino’s driver that can be heard on a neighbor’s Ring camera.

Henry County police spotted the stolen car, pursued the robbers and they crashed. Police arrested Grant, but the other gunman is still on the run.

"Based on the evidence submitted, I bind over all charges," Judge John Parker concluded, allowing the court case to proceed.

Grant was charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery, and hijacking a motor vehicle. He remains in the Clayton County Jail.