Do you recognize this voice? Man repeatedly heard on emergency radio frequencies

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The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and Marshal’s Office released audio Tuesday of a person who deputies said has been broadcasting on their emergency frequencies.

Investigators said the individual sounds like a man and have been broadcasting over sheriff’s office and fire department’s radio frequencies for the last three weeks.

"Will you send me over a hamburger and a milkshake please?” the man appears to ask on the first audio clip, dated May 15.

"It's about to my bedtime now, so I'll talk to you tomorrow, alright?" the man could be heard saying on the restricted frequency the next day.

On a third audio clip, a series of tones could be heard followed by a conversation between an emergency official and a dispatcher.

"Are you toning something out or is someone playing on the frequency?" the emergency official asked.

“Toning” is how dispatchers open radio communication to specific or all units, usually announcing a request for an emergency response.


Investigators said they have been able to document 50 times the man interfered on the restricted emergency frequencies.

"It's extremely dangerous because you have officers that may be on a call, and their radios are their lifelines," said Dir. Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office.

"If a suspect is identified during this investigation, they will be charged with federal and state crimes," said Chief Marshal Ron Hunton. "This type of interference on public safety radio frequencies will not be tolerated."

Emergency officials are hoping someone will recognize the suspect’s voice and will come forward before this causes something extremely bad to happen.

Tipsters can call 911 or investigators at 770-928-0239.