DNR officials warns, educates about snake population

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A Sandy Springs neighborhood is uniting to keep the copperhead snake population under control.

Temperatures heating up which means so are the activities of venomous snakes. It had gotten to the point where Suzi Voyles organized a meeting Monday night about the slithering creatures. She invited John Jensen, the senior wildlife biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, to teach families how to identify the creatures and avoid their bites.

Voyles told FOX 5 News her daughter spent two days in the intensive care unit of an area hospital after a copperhead bit her outside their home a couple of weeks ago.

Jensen said the copperhead bites are rarely fatal. He provided several tips at the meeting, including the importance of wearing sturdy boots and gloves while doing yard work. He also encouraged people to carry and use a flashlight while walking in shady areas at night.

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