Disney World honors unused ticket from 1994

It was magical trip, 22 years in the making.  A California woman is still smiling after being allowed to enter an Orlando theme park with a ticket from 1994.

This story begins in March of that year, when 4-year-old Chelsea Herline was too sick to enjoy the final day of a 4-day park hopper at Walt Disney World Resort, during her family's vacation from Michigan to Orlando.  That's where the experience ended, until her father's recent discovery.  

"He was cleaning our basement, and he found the ticket in our safe in the basement, so he had kept it for 22 years, and he knew we had a trip to Florida coming up, so he brought the ticket with him," Herline, now 26, explained.

So, uncertain of whether Disney World would honor a decades-old paper ticket, Herline had her mom drop her off at the front gates last month but told her to circle the parking lot, in case she couldn't get in. 

"So  I  walked up, and there was a girl at the ticket counter, and I approached her with a big smile and I said hi, I have a really old ticket, will you let me in, and so she said, 'Of course!'"

The old paper ticket simply had to be changed to a more modern electronic ticket. 

"I was very surprised that it worked, but at the same time, the ticket didn't have an expiration date on it, so I thought there was a small chance they would let me in, but  I  didn't realize it could be that easy."

Herline spent the day riding rides and making memories -- by herself -- but having a blast!   Now, she can only laugh about the experience, especially as it is being shared world-wide. 

"This has been a really funny experience. I was not expecting this at all and my parents are loving it that they were able to save the ticket so long, and it's getting this much attention. So, it's pretty awesome!"

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