Deputies: Spalding County 6th grader arrested for multiple school bomb threats

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A sixth grade Spalding County boy is in custody after police say he used his middle school's Wi-Fi to make threats toward multiple schools.

Deputies say they have charged the boy with a dozen counts of terroristic threats and acts and eight counts of disorderly conduct in connection to multiple bomb threats made toward four middle schools and two high schools.

The first threat happened on March 12 and caused the evacuation of Spalding High School and Rehoboth Middle School. Less than a week later, Rehoboth Road Middle School, Kennedy Road Middle, Cowan Road Middle, Griffin High School, and Spalding High School were evacuated after additional threats on March 18.

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Officials say the boy, a student at Rehoboth Road Middle School, used a cellphone to access Instagram and make the threats over the school's Wi-Fi system. According to Spalding County deputies, the student went as far as to hijack another student's Instagram account and pretending to make threats against himself so he'd seem like a victim.

The student offender is cared for by his grandmother, who officials say has been "completely cooperative" with investigators.

"She had no knowledge that her grandson had a phone and did not know he was accessing social media," the Spalding County Sheriff's Office said in a release.

The boy has since been suspended from the Spalding County School System and will face a juvenile court hearing.

"The student's life is the perfect storm for bad behavior," deputies said in a statement. "He will be held accountable but will also receive other forms of help."