Decomposing dog found in backyard of man who called 911 to say he was robbed

A Grantville man has been charged with animal cruelty after deputies discovered the rotting corpse of a dead dog in his yard. Deputies say Waylon Addison called police about his television getting stolen and then went to jail for something much worse. 

Deputies say they discovered the decomposing body of a puppy alongside a doghouse in Addison’s yard. No food. No water. And animal control said it appeared to them there had not been any for some time. 

"Through their investigation it was determined that there had not been any food or water for some time and that caused the dog’s death," said Cpl. Chris Ricketson of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office 

Deputies say Waylon Addison had called 911 on March 27 to report that he was the victim of a crime. According to the report, Addison claimed that someone had kicked in his door and stolen his TV. 

When deputies arrived, a woman told them that she was Addison’s girlfriend, and he had stolen her cell phone several days before and wouldn’t give it back. 

Deputies say Addison retrieved the phone and gave it back to her. But things go downhill fast for Addison. That’s when another deputy discovered a doghouse in the backyard of the Grantville Road home and the body of a dead puppy. 

They believe the dog had been there for some time, because someone had mowed the grass around the decomposing dog. 

Animal control was called and confirmed the deputies' suspicions that the dog had died because of neglect. 

Addison was charged with theft by taking of his girlfriend’s cellphone and also charged with cruelty to animals.