Decatur looking for 3 men in violent armed robbery

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Decatur Police have put out an alert for the three thieves who held up a couple early Sunday morning during a violent armed robbery.

Decatur Police say a couple was walking on Church Street near East Trinity Place when they were approached by three men. One of them asked to use their cell phone. When the couple said no, the three pushed the couple to the ground. 

Police said the man tried to fight back, just as one of the three pulled a silver handgun from his waistband. The gun fell to the ground, the man jumped on top of it. As they wrestled for the gun, one of the other three snatched the woman's purse. The robbers got the gun back and took off running. 

Christine Towler lives right near where the robbery happened. 

"I do feel shocked that this happened right here. I think of this as my street and I don't expect it to be dangerous," said Towler. 

She said even at 1:30 in the morning when the robbery happened, there would have been plenty of people around. 

"1:30 in the morning isn't that late, a lot of people would be leaving the bar to come home at that time," said Towler. 

Police gave the following description of the three men:

  • Suspect No. 1: Black male, late teens to mid-20s, approximately 5-feet-7, slim build, caramel skin tone, with short dreadlocks, wearing gray or white basketball shorts and a dark hoodie.
  • Suspect No. 2: Black male, unknown age range, approximately 6-foot-2, slim build, wearing a blue hoodie and red shorts and in possession of a silver firearm.
  • Suspect No. 3: Black male, unknown age range, wearing a black hoodie.

Anyone with information should contact Decatur Police.