Daring Break-Ins Thwarted Twice

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It was a daring break-in which literally broke through the wall. Surveillance video shows a stolen U-Haul box truck smashing through the back of Mountain Motorsports in Douglasville early Saturday morning.

"Just completely through that door and it pulled it completely through that wall you can see the damage to that wall. They were just after dirt bikes or racing type off road bikes," said Sales Manager Ivan Johnson.

He said once the wall was breached, eight to ten men streamed into the building. Each wheeled a dirt bike about 100 yards from the front show-room to the U-Haul in the back.

"They definitely knew what they were going to do before they came in for sure. I think they were in the store before. They knew right where to go, how to go out, how to come in," said Johnson.

Douglasville Police told FOX 5 News they responded to the alarm within minutes, forcing the burglars to leave the box truck and dirt bikes when they got away on foot.

The next night, surveillance pictures show yet another stolen U-Haul bashing its' way into the Conyers Mountain Motorsports. And like Douglas County, Conyers police arrived quickly to spook away apparently the same dirt-bike-burglary crew.

"Same type of truck through a large window in Conyers going after dirt bikes. It does seem like a large operation because they were able to have another truck, do the same thing at a location 40-50 miles away,” said Johnson

Johnson said a few months ago, some dirt bikes were stolen by men using a stolen U-Haul at their Lawrenceville store. Now the company is pushing back with a $5,000 reward.

"They don't seem to have any problem at all breaking the law, damaging property, they just want dirt bikes for some reason," said Johnson.

Conyers Police and Douglasville Police said they are working with each other to try to find the members of the dirt-bike burglary crew.

Anyone with information leading to an arrest and or conviction may be eligible for the five thousand dollar reward and is asked to contact either the Douglasville Police Department or the Conyers Police Department.