Crooks feed dogs filet mignon to keep them quiet during burglary

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An Atlanta homeowner is beefing up security after her home alarm system and her two dogs failed to stop some crooks from breaking into her home. The homeowner said the crooks were tricky and knew how to keep the dogs quiet.

Traci Piovesan said her dogs, Dash and Tucker, both have big barks, loud enough to scare some strangers. But she said when some burglars broke into her Buckhead home, they knew what would keep the dogs quiet and distracted, and it was right in the fridge.

"They fed filet mignon to my dogs," said Piovesan.

Piovesan said while the dogs were focused on the meat, the crooks were free to rummage through her home. She said they stole thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics, camera equipment, and jewelry.

"The dogs would definitely be barking a lot that's why I think they came through and got the filets right away. It was clever, as much as I hate to say that," said Piovesan.

Piovesan said the crooks were clever and nimble. She said they entered the house by throwing a rock through a back window, 20 feet off the ground, one that wouldn't likely be wired to the alarm system. They then climbed over to the window from the back deck.

Piovesan said she's already made some security changes and is just glad whoever broke into her house, didn't harm Dash and Tucker.

"I didn't care what they took at least the dogs didn't get hurt I've heard of robbers shooting dogs, which is probably more common than feeding them filet mignon," said Piovesan.