Crooks break in to home while parents are walking kids to Pre-K

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Police say two guys break into a home, while the parents walked their children to pre-school.  The family believes the crooks watched them leave and waited until they were out of sight before they made their move. 

It was just after 9 in the morning on a street in Druid Hills which was bustling with activity. Kids heading to school, adults heading to work, Emory students riding their bicycles to class.  

Matt Cole and his wife were walking their children to preschool. When they got home, their house had been broken into.  Drawers were open, a wallet, money and credit cards were gone.  

"We went down into the basement and our alarm system and camera system had been ripped out of the wall, unplugged," said Cole. 

The neighbor across the street thought she'd help out and check her surveillance video to see if the cameras captured anything.  When she looked she saw a stranger trying to break into her own home.  

"He's checking the back door, peeking, then looking through the windows," said the neighbor.  

The surveillance video also shows the man getting into her husband's car.  She says the only thing that was taken was a can of pepper spray. 

Word spread quickly through the neighborhood about what happened.  Everyone is thankful no one was hurt.  Many are worried knowing burglars have become so brazen, it doesn't seem to matter the time of day or what stands in their way. 

"You can lock your doors and use your security system as you should but if people are watching and people want in they're going to break in," said Cole.