Cracking down on guns at checkpoints at Atlanta's airport

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The latest effort to get travelers to not show up at the airport checkpoint with a weapon is to describe what will happen to you that could spoil your family trip for Thanksgiving.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will be packed over the coming days with anywhere from seventy-five to ninety-thousand travelers a day. Rushed passengers will forget and stuff a carry on not realizing they did not take the gun out.

But no excuses says FBI manager Jim Hurley. It happens too often. So, here's what will happen. Police will take you out of the line. Your gun will be confiscated. You won't make that flight. A citation will be issued but there are some cases in which the offender will be put in handcuffs.

If you try to carry a weapon through and you do not have a gun permit, you are looking at jail time.

What has changed? The gun threat has not diminished. Atlanta has set a record approaching three hundred weapons confiscated with a month and a half still to go in 2018.