Couple searching for missing engagement ring

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Roswell police said it may not be a crime, but it certainly is a mystery. A diamond engagement ring goes missing at a Sky Zone Trampoline Park and officers said surveillance video shows a man picking it up and putting it on his own finger.

Roswell Police are investigating and trying to help Meredith Weaver get her engagement ring back. She lost that ring at the area attraction in December and surveillance video shows who apparently found it and put it on his own hand.

Surveillance video of the man Roswell Police want to identify and talk to about that missing diamond ring shows it on the trampoline as he’s bouncing. The video then shows him apparently picking up the ring and putting it on his own finger. It’s heartbreaking to see for Meredith Weaver. That was her engagement ring and Sky Zone said no one turned it in. That was on December 30. The ring is still missing.

“That ring is insured and I can go and get another ring.  But it will never have the same meaning,” said Weaver.

It’s special because Meredith’s mother Cheryl gave her the diamonds for it from her own engagement ring. Cheryl died from cancer five years ago.

“Every time I look at the ring I think about my mom too,” Weaver said.

Meredith said the ring is also important to her marriage and husband Brian. Fate has tried to take it from them before. It survived a devastating house fire – one of the few things that did.

“There was such sentimental value and meaning that this ring had to the victim and we just want to get them back together,” Roswell Police Department's Lisa Holland said.

And so, police want to identify and question this man. Police said maybe he still has the good intentions of returning the ring and got sidetracked. But they have also checked pawn shops and jewelry stores to alert merchants who might buy it secondhand.

“It was such a visual reminder of her. And I can’t get that back by buying another ring,” said Weaver.