Councilwoman: Apartment owner neglects duties, residents living in deplorable conditions

People who live at a southwest Atlanta apartment complex are furious about the conditions. They say things weren't the greatest, but definitely worsened once Bolden Capital Group announced it purchased the complex in November 2018.

The complex is located in the 2900 block of 3rd Ave SW.

We spotted unsafe vacant buildings and piles of garbage. Residents told FOX 5 that it's been at least two weeks since the trash has been picked up.

"At one point we [were] in the dark, we couldn't even get lights out here in the parking lot," says Delores Lee, who moved into the complex in August 2018. "As you see, we can't get the trash emptied. They got squatters all over."

Atlanta City Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd says the City has taken Bolden Capital Group to court at least three times over this property. 

Sheperd provided an email exchange with Edward Bolden, of Bolden Capital Group. He said he planned to fix problems at the complex and was excited about working with the City to make the community better. The email is from May 2020.

"Here we are in May, the property is still as it is," says Councilwoman Sheperd. "It's really sad. It's like a third world country."

Sheperd hopes the City will execute a nuisance abatement. She says this will about the City to takeover the property, close and clean it, and move tenants.

Lee says if she could afford to move she would do so. She wants Bolden to tend to the needs of people who live there and respond to unanswered maintenance requests.

"They had a maintenance man when I moved in here," says Lee. "They had a groundskeeper when I moved in here."

FOX 5's Kerry Charles spoke with Bolden on Wednesday evening, and asked for an interview. Bolden declined, but asked if the story could be held for seven days.

Bolden claims he's had trouble officially gaining ownership of the property, but says that is now taken care of. Bolden also says a crew will begin cleaning up the property at 8 a.m. Thursday, May 14.