Cops and Crosses

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Law enforcement officers in Cartersville are carrying around something special these days. Many are keeping small silver crosses close in their pockets or their patrol cars. It's a reminder that there are people in the community praying for them.

“They're out in harm's way every day and we really do need to pray for them,” said Donnie Reeves. He and about a dozen men from his Sunday School Class at The Church on Liberty Square in Cartersville came up with the idea a couple of weeks ago. They've already handed out close to 200 crosses, one by one, to any law enforcement officer they come across.

Cartersville Police officer Ashley Payne keeps one in her front shirt pocket, next to her heart. “Right now there's a lot going on. A lot of hostility, and it lets us know people out there have our back and they want God to have our back as well,” said Officer Payne.

Pastor Jacob King said the gesture is a stark contrast to how some have been reacting to the violence against cops in other parts of the country. “Rather than getting upset and trying to talk about injustice, the only way you conquer violence is through love,” said Pastor King.

The group wants to see every law enforcement officer across Bartow and surrounding counties to have a cross. “Each one I've handed out, it's blown me away how much the officers appreciate it. I want this to go as far as the Lord will carry it,” said Reeves.