Community on edge after teen reports assault in her own home

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A rapist appears to be on the loose after an attack in Lamar County.

Lamar County Sheriff Brad White told FOX 5 News a young woman reported she was sexually assaulted by a stranger who slipped into her house unnoticed while she was home alone.

Around Milner, people are talking and wondering about the sexual assault of the teenage victim which occurred Monday afternoon on the rural outskirts. Lamar County resident Amanda Inglett told FOX 5 News she learned of the attack from her husband.

“Somebody had broke in, put a bag over a woman’s head, and raped her, It’s horrible, horrible,” said Inglett.

Sheriff White said the victim did not see the attackers face because he had covered her face.

“He threw an object, a jacket or something over her head, sexually assaulted her and then left,” said Sheriff White.

The sheriff said the victim did notice the sexual predator was wearing blue.

“Blue shirt blue pants, kind of like a uniform that is like...a place that you work for that may provide you that uniform,” said Sheriff White.

The sheriff said investigators have checked surveillance video of area stores and gas stations, which is why they’re now asking area home owners to check their cameras.

“Please let us look at those videos from June 24 is the date we’re looking at. We don’t have anything on the videos yet that would match the description of what she gave us of a white truck,” said Sheriff White.

The sheriff said the victim saw her attacker leave in a white truck but did not get the license plate number. He said after the attack, deputies in neighboring Spalding County set up roadblocks but did not find the attacker.

Belinda McDaniel understands the victim’s pain.

“I was a victim when I was younger, of sexual assault. It traumatizes you in ways you’d never imagine,” said McDaniel.

She has a daughter the age of the young victim and says it important her attacker is brought to justice.

“It means everything because then you can start getting closure for it,” said McDaniel.

Sheriff Brad White said he’s hoping a sexual assault kit sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will lead to the attacker through a DNA match.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office at 770-358-5159 and ask for Captain Sutton.