Coca-Cola, 'Stranger Things' bringing back New Coke in Atlanta

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New Coke is coming back to Atlanta ... sort of.

As part of a promotion with Netflix's "Stranger Things" season 3, Coca Cola is bringing back its controversial New Coke recipe for a limited time

Season 3 of the show will take place in the summer of 1985, when Coca-Cola changed its formula for Coke. New Coke was considered one of the biggest marketing blunders of all time and the new version was dropped after 79 days, though sales of the original Coca-Cola rebounded.

"The summer of 1985 did in fact change everything for us with the introduction of New Coke, which was also arguably one of the biggest pop culture moments of that year," said Oana Vlad, director of Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America.

On June 4, 5, and 6, the first 1,000 guests who buy full-price, general admission tickets at the World of Coca-Cola will receive a can of the beverage, which was originally released in 1985.

And this drink will be the real deal, Coca-Cola said that they will be using the actual 1985 recipie to create the drink.

"All told, everything took about six months and was top secret," said Peter Shoemaker, director of sparkling category commercialization.

Workers also had to recreate the logo and the slightly different Coke red for the cans from more than 30 years ago.The Atlanta-based attraction will also have a new exhbit looking to the unveiling of the classic Coca-Cola slogan "It's the Real Thing."

Beginning Thursday, Coca-Cola will release a limited number of cans of New Coke as part of a "Stranger Things" package. An "upside-down" Stranger Things-inspired vending machine will also pop up in select cities this summer to dispense free cans of New Coke for a limited time.

Supplies are extremely limited, so any fans of the retro beverage or "Stranger Things" fantatics need to be ready.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.