Cobb County store hit by same thief wearing 'I love my wife' shirt 3 times in one day

A store in Cobb County was hit by thieves three times in one day. What's even more bizarre, it appears one guy was involved in all three crimes.

Surveillance video shows a couple of guys who appear to be just picking through boxes and equipment outside a store in Cobb County, then tossing items into their truck.

"Lawn equipment, pressure washers, they're going through and seeing what they can get," said Katrina Whiting, an employee of Almighty Products on Canton Road in Marietta.

The items were piled in a work truck parked behind the store.

"We buy pallets and sell them at discounted rates. We sell lawn equipment, pressure washers, power tools… any of your DIY equipment," said Whiting.

Typically, the shop takes extra inventory to a storage facility at the end of the day, but this past Saturday, they didn't do that. That's the same day two men were caught on video loading up their truck.

"I feel like they may have been watching us, knowing we weren't coming back," said Whiting.

The men didn't have masks or disguises, but one of them was wearing a unique T-shirt. 

"His shirt says 'I love my wife'. I think it's ironic he's stealing, just a bad look," said Whiting.

They eventually drive off. Two hours later, another vehicle pulls up, and there's something familiar about the guy who is seen getting out of the car and taking more equipment.

Whiting says she recognized him by his clothing. 

"It was his shirt, the 'I love my wife' shirt," said Whiting. 

He eventually drives off. 

Two hours later at about 9 p.m. the same car pulls up. 

The man seen getting out and snatching more equipment appears to be the same man. He's wearing the now-all-too-familiar "I love my wife" shirt. 

"It's a little scary that they feel comfortable to take what they want in broad daylight and then come back for more," said Whiting.

Whiting says more than $11,000 worth of items was stolen during the three thefts. That's a big hit for a small business. She wants the crooks caught.

"I don't want them coming back to steal anymore," said Whiting.