Cobb County elementary school closes for 14 days following positive coronavirus case

A Cobb County elementary school will be closed for the next 14 days after a positive case of the coronavirus.

Health officials: 31 cases of coronavirus in Georgia

Cobb County Schools made the announcement on Wednesday that Kincaid Elementary School will be closed for the next two weeks. That decision came after the Georgia Department of Public Health informed the district about the case.

Officials will be cleaning and sanitizing the entire campus and all the school buses which service the school.

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In a statement sent to FOX 5 News, the district wrote in part:

“Our staff is working to keep our facilities clean, and our schools are reminding students about best practices for staying healthy including practicing good hygiene.  Navigating these next days and weeks will take a team effort, but we believe that our community is well-prepared.

“We will continue to follow the guidance of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the DPH on these matters. Moving forward, please know that we will be prioritizing student and staff safety in every decision that we make.”

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Students will continue to use their digital classroom resources and there are several digital platforms and tools the school can use.

The district also wrote:

“With one of the longest-running virtual academies in the country, for almost two decades Cobb has been delivering instruction to students through traditional and virtual classrooms. In the current environment, Cobb is well-positioned to continue to deliver content to students physically and digitally through a variety of digital tools and resources. If needed, specific guidance will be provided by each local school in Cobb County.”

Earlier this week, the district suspended all student attendance incentives, including incentives for awards and finals for the rest of the school year. They also have started to scrutinize new students who may have come from high-risk areas or countries. The district also cut off all non-essential, work-related travel for all employees and limited travel for students for field trips.