Second Fulton County Schools employee tests positive for coronavirus

A second Fulton County Schools employee has tested positive for COVID-19, Fulton County Schools confirmed Wednesday.

The employee worked at Woodland Middle School, which was already closed due to a separate employee who worked at both Woodland Middle School and Bear Creek Middle School, possibly exposing others at the school.

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In a statement sent to FOX 5, a Fulton County Schools spokesperson said, "Woodland Middle School is currently closed and being cleaned due to potential exposure from a different employee who served both Woodland Middle School and Bear Creek Middle School". 

Woodland Middle School was originally scheduled to re-open on March 17, but that date has been moved to March 23 since the second employee was last known to be in the school on March 9. School officials also said Bear Middle School will re-open on March 23.

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Fulton County Schools confirmed the case at Woodland Middle School does not present additional exposure to other staff at separate locations in the Fulton County Schools system. All other schools in the systems are scheduled to re-open on March 12. 

Fulton County Schools officials said they learned of the visiting teacher's confirmed case of coronavirus on Monday at 11 a.m., according to the Fulton County Department of Health.

"The teacher fell ill at work on Friday and the staff called 911. The teacher was transported to a local hospital from Bear Creek middle school. There was enough concern about the employee's status that they thought the employee was having some other kind of medical emergency," Fulton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Looney told reporters.

Dr. Looney declined to describe the employee’s symptoms but said they were very serious.

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