Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen advances: 2024 runoff election results

(From left to right: Levon Allen, Jeffrey Turner)

Levon Allen is expected to keep his title as the Clayton County sheriff. With all precincts reporting just before 10 p.m. on Tuesday, it appears that he won Tuesday's runoff election with 55% of the vote.

Earlier in the day, voters flocked to the polls to cast their ballots.

What to expect in Georgia's primary runoffs

Last month, Sheriff Levon Allen, the incumbent, pulled in 49.52% of the total vote in Tuesday night's primary election. He was just shy of the 50% plus one vote needed to secure his seat for another term.

Allen's challengers – Jeff Turner, Clarence Cox, and Charlene Watson-Fraser – each received 24% of the votes. He faced Turner for a rematch.

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Clayton County Sheriff Runoff Results

Sheriff Levon Allen

Sheriff Levon Allen (Credit: Sheriff Levon Allen, Facebook)

Sheriff Levon Allen is the current sheriff of Clayton County.

He implemented community policing initiatives to build trust between the sheriff’s department and the community. He also enhanced training programs for deputies with a focus on deescalation techniques and mental health awareness. Allen successfully led various crime reduction programs, resulting in a decrease in violent crime rates in the county.

Sheriff Allen's campaign emphasizes continuity and further development of his current policies. He pledges to expand community outreach programs and continue improving the department’s efficiency and responsiveness.

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Jeff Turner

Jeffrey E. Turner

Jeff Turner is the chairman of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. He has a robust background in public service and has been a key player in local government and policymaking. He is also a former chief of police for Clayton County, which adds to his law enforcement credentials.

As chairman, he worked on numerous initiatives aimed at improving public infrastructure and services in Clayton County, advocated for economic development projects that have brought jobs and growth to the region, and focused on improving transparency and accountability in local government operations.

Turner's campaign centers on bringing a new vision to the sheriff’s office, with an emphasis on modernizing the department, increasing community engagement, and enhancing transparency and accountability in law enforcement practices.

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