Clark Atlanta student shot at block party, still has bullet in her leg

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A Powder Springs teen is one of the four students who was shot during a block party at the Atlanta University Center. Erin Ennis is a freshman at Clark Atlanta University. She was shot in the leg. 

Ennis said she was with her friends Tuesday evening. She said everyone was excited about the first day of classes. They were comparing schedules and talking about what they were going to wear.  

Ennis said she heard the gunfire but at first, wasn't sure what it was. 

"People started running. I'd never heard a gunshot before I thought it was a firework," said Ennis. 

She started to run but said as soon as she turned her leg gave out. She got up and tried to run again. She said another student asked her if she was okay, when she looked down she saw blood running down her leg. 

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The bullet hit Ennis in the right thigh. She was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital. X-rays showed the bullet was still in her leg. Doctors determined it would be best to leave the bullet right where it was. 

Erin's mom, Emily Ennis, was at home in Powder Springs when she got the unimaginable call. 

"She goes mom there was an incident at the school I think there was a shooter or something and I got grazed, and I was like what?" said Emily Ennis.

Erin is a theater major and wants to go back to Clark Atlanta as soon as she is well enough.  

"I'm up, I'm talking, I can't complain that much," said Erin.

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Even though the gunman is still on the run, Emily Ennis supports her daughter's decision to return to school. 

"I'm not nervous about that, we choose not to live in fear. Our faith provides for situations like that. God forbid something happens to anyone's child, but you have to have faith that it's not going to be a life-threatening situation. It's just the world we live in," said Emily Ennis.

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