Civil Grand Jury Hears Evidence in Deadly Shooting of Anthony Hill

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A DeKalb County civil grand jury began hearing testimony Thursday morning as it considers whether a deadly police shooting of an unarmed naked man was justified. 

The family of 24-year-old Anthony Hill met with reporters shortly before the grand jury session got underway in front of the DeKalb County Courthouse.

A DeKalb County officer shot and killed Hill outside an apartment complex on Chamblee Tucker Road on March 9th.

DeKalb Police investigators said Hill was deranged and naked when he lunged at Officer Robert Olson who was investigating a 911 call about a suspicious person. 

Protestors came together in the days after the Chamblee shooting and questioned police training, complaining Hill was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

The family’s attorney said Hill served in the Air Force in Afghanistan and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder following his military service.

Police have said Officer Olson, a 7-year-police-veteran, also carried maze and a stun gun at the time of the shooting. 

"The response of this police officer should have been one of care and compassion," said Eric Echols, who is an investigators working with the Hill family.