Child with gunshot wound to head makes astonishing recovery

A little boy in Clayton County is recovering in the hospital after an accidental shooting. 

According to Morrow Police, the 4-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the head after getting his hands on his father's gun. 

Morrow Detective Todd said the boy's father was allegedly showing the child the gun in the car when it went off. 

"At that point, my heart deflated and my heart just dropped," Detective Todd said. 

Police charged 36-year-old Terrell Orr with several crimes, including being a convicted felon with a gun. 

Todd said this call hit close to home. 

"I'm a father to three sons. You cannot be in this profession and get used to this, anytime a child gets injured," he said. 

At the time, the child, whose name is Secret, was in critical condition. 

"I couldn't speak for two days. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. I just sat there and watched him all night," said Monica Myers, his mother. 

But just five days after the shooting, Secret made incredible progress. 

He was able to wave when during a Zoom call with FOX 5 Atlanta's Janice Yu

Myers said Secret will likely make a full recovery.

"He's fully functional with his legs, his feet and his right arm. His left arm is a little weaker, so that's probably going to be our target area of rehab. He can see out of both eyes. He, in my opinion, is fully comprehensive," Myers said.  

Myers said Secret will be starting rehab Friday. 

He became a year older during his time in the hospital, and Detective Todd made sure he felt special on his big day. 

"I said ok, I'm going to go to Walmart and get him the Hulk. Then, I saw a big monster truck and I was like do I want to give him the monster truck? Because I like monster trucks myself. Anyway, I gave it to him, took it to the hospital and he was definitely joyed by that," Todd said. 

The small act of compassion meant the world to Myers and Secret. 

"He was able to warm my spirit and calm my heart," Myers said. "I feel like he kind of took secret on as a fourth son." 

Secret has a long road of recovery ahead. The family established a fundraiser for people willing to help.