Chick-fil-A worker leaps through drive-thru window to save choking boy

Chick-fil-A employees are known for their courteous, prompt service, but the manager of one Georgia location went the extra mile. The Flowery Branch employee is being called a “hero” after leaping through the drive-thru window to save a young boy from choking.

The Gainesville Times reported that 19-year-old Logan Simmons was working Wednesday at the Chick-fil-A at Stonebridge Village off Interstate 985 in Hall County, Georgia, when he noticed a car in line that wasn’t pulling forward. The next thing he knew, a man appeared at the window asking for a pair of scissors, saying his young son was choking on his seat belt.

Simmons, who had a pocketknife, jumped into action, quite literally, finding the quickest route to the car was out the window.

“You could see him struggling and it getting tighter and tighter,” Simmons told the Times. “I cut it down and he laid back in the seat, and I was immediately like, ‘Hey, are you OK?’ He was crying then, and I knew he was breathing perfectly fine if he could cry.”

Once Simmons freed the boy, he went back into the restaurant, this time using the door. The Times reported the customers had left the parking lot by that time but did call an hour later to thank him.

On Friday, Simmons told the Times the family dropped off a note at the restaurant to thank him again.

Simmons credited his quick response to “instinct.”

In similar headlines, last summer, a Texas Chick-fil-A worker was praised for saving a customer from choking on their food in the restaurant. Months before, a Colorado Chick-fil-A staffer was declared a hero for saving his choking co-worker with the Heimlich maneuver.

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