'Cheer dad of the year' accurately mimics moves from high school daughter's cheer squad at football game

A high school student who cheers for her school’s squad had a huge fan: her dad.

Scott Willard, whose son attends the same school, was at football game for York High School, located in Yorktown, Virginia. Willard took notice of the cheerleader’s dad, who stood up in the bleachers, and mimicked his daughter’s moves in the crowd. The team was playing against Warhill High School.

Willard started recording video, showing the energetic father following each move with precision. He ended his chant by yelling, “Go Falcons!” 

Willard identified the father as Hekili Holland, and hopes to meet him next week at the last game of the season.

“By far CHEER DAD OF THE YEAR!,” Willard wrote in the Facebook post. “This dude rocks!”

Both high school teams were undefeated, until the night of November 1. According to WTKR, York High's football team defeated Warhill High, 35-28.