Changes sought after city worker dies in construction accident

The death of a city of Atlanta water worker during a construction accident may lead to changes at work sites. 

A floral marker now identifies the spot where the employee was killed. It happened over the weekend. The worker was in a hole using a saw to cut a pipe. Three teeth on the blade broke and like shrapnel, the metal shot into the worker's right leg causing him to bleed profusely. 

A worker on the crew ran to a nearby police precinct for help. An officer came out with a tourniquet, strapped it to the wounded leg to try and slow the bleeding until the fire department could get there. 

"We are reviewing everything," said Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta. "It is a sad day at city hall when you lose your life doing public service."

Gina Pagnotta-Murphy, president of PACE, a city union, is advocating all job sites, small and large, have individuals who are trained in basic first aid response.

"We need to have a tourniquet and other equipment on all the trucks," said Pagnotta-Murphy. 

She is also a parts supervisor for the city of Atlanta. 

Pagnotta-Murphy plans to check out the saws used in the watershed department to see if the blades may need to be changed. 

"Employees are calling me everyday," she said. "They are nervous and I understand that."