2nd suspect arrested in Chamblee officer shooting, robbery

The second suspect wanted in connection to a chase and shooting of a Chamblee officer early Tuesday morning is behind bars after a day-long manhunt, the DeKalb County Police Department says.

Police have not released the name or charges of the first suspect.

The second suspect, 31-year-old Oscar Arreola, was charged with aggravated assault on an officer.

Officials said shortly after midnight, officers with the Chamblee Police Department located a stolen vehicle that had been used in an armed robbery inside the city.

"They located a vehicle, found out that this vehicle was not only stolen but was carjacked, so we gave chase, chased from our jurisdiction to DeKalb County here on Briarcliff Road," said Chamblee Police Captain Chris Findley.

When officers tried to stop the car, they said the driver fled, leading to a chase that ended when the stolen vehicle crashed near Briarcliff Road and Briarcliff Way.

According to police, the suspects fled on foot and shot at the responding officers, hitting one.

"The suspects wrecked out, got out of the vehicle and as our first officer responded behind a vehicle, they open fire on the vehicle," said Captain Findley.

Medics rushed the officer, who has not been identified, to a nearby hospital. At last report, they are in stable condition.

"It could’ve been a lot worse, he got shot in the head, but basically it was a glancing wound, so he’s very lucky at this point," the captain said.

The first suspect was arrested at the scene.

"We continue to send our prayers to the officer for a speedy recovery," the department posted on Facebook.

If you have any information about the shooting, call 911 or the DeKalb County Police Department Homicide/Assault Unit at 770-724-7850