Caught on camera: Crooks rummaging through woman's car on 3 separate occasions

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Talk about bad luck: A Henry County resident said crooks have rummaged through her car at least four times over the past nine months. 

“I'm fed up and frustrated,” she told FOX 5 News.

The woman, who did not want to appear on camera for safety reasons, said she stopped locking her car doors to avoid broken windows, but an auto theft FOX 5 News covered over the weekend in McDonough has since changed her mind.

“I think we'll probably start locking the doors from now on,” she said.

The crooks are caught on camera getting away with small things like headphones and sunglasses in the break-ins, but it's something intangible the mother of four considers her biggest loss.

“We leave nothing valuable in the car, but when you steal my peace of mind, I feel like they've taken my peace of mind living in this neighborhood,” the woman said.

Henry County Police have noticed a rash of "entering autos" recently, which officers say is typical for this time of year, but they're looking into whether the same trio of teens could be to blame.

“Some of these individuals look familiar to our officers, so we are going to try and confirm that suspect information, and if they are involved, we are going to try our best to prove it and get them arrested,” said Capt. Joey Smith with Henry County Police.

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The victim told FOX 5 News she's 100 percent confident it's the same group of crooks who entered her car time and time again.

Police say it's impossible to prevent all car break-ins from happening, but the best thing residents can do to discourage crime is to avoid leaving any valuables in their car.